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B.Sc  Home science is one of the most applied subjects which directly influence an individual's  persespective of dealing with a day-to-day problems of life. The subject matter involves management  of time , energy and money, nutrition at various stages of life  and in  various  disease conditions, understanding stages of human development and human pyschology, intricacies of textile and fabric to stitching and extension of complex messages in simple form to the masses.

Eligiblity: 10+2

Duration : 3 years

Career Opportunities:- Dietician , Clinical Nutritionist,  Public Health Nutritionist ,Textile Designer ,Interior Designer , Extension Worker with NGOs, Student counsellor, Early Childhood educator, Special child educator , Creche management.


Subject Offered:
B.Sc. Home Science Part - I
  • Paper I - Textile and Apparel Designing
  • Paper II - Development Communication
  • Paper III - Foundation of Human Development
  • Paper IV - Introduction to Foods
  • Paper V - Elementary Design in Housing
B.Sc. Home Science Part-II
  • Paper I - Apparel Technology
  • Paper II - Extension Education and Development
  • Paper III - Lifespan Development
  • Paper IV - Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Paper V - Interior Space Design
B.Sc. Home Science Part-III
  • Paper I - Textile Science Theory
  • Paper II - Programme Management
  • Paper III - Marriage, Family and Human Rights
  • Paper IV - Family and Community Nutrition
  • Paper V - Family Resource Management
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