For Admission: 9057807070 (10:00 AM to 06:00 PM)


Semester – I

Paper I     -BUA 101-Theory and Practice of  Management

Paper II    -BUA 102-Marketing Management

Paper III   -BUA 103-Human Resource Management

Paper IV  -BUA 104-Management  Accountancy

Paper V   -BUA 105-Industrial relations and social security

Paper VI  -BUA 106-Modern business communication


Semester – II

Paper I   -BUA 201-Management Thinkers

Paper II  -BUA 202-Business Research Methods

Paper III -BUA 203-Presentation in seminar and Viva voce

Paper IV -BUA 204-Strategic Management

Paper V  -BUA 206-Marketing Research

Paper VI -BUA 207-Managerial Economics



Semester – III

Paper I    -BUA 301-Organisational Behaviour

Paper II   -BUA 302-financial management

Paper III  -BUA 303-Advertising Management

Paper IV  -BUA 304-International marketing

Paper V   -BUA 305-Human resource development

Paper VI  -BUA 306-E-commerce



Semester – IV

Paper I     -BUA 401-Business ethics and corporate governance

Paper II    -BUA-402-Capital market

Paper III   -BUA-403-Dessertation and Viva voce

Paper IV  -BUA-404-Management Information system

Paper V   -BUA-405-Retail Management

Paper VI  -BUA-407-Production and OperationManagement




Guidelines Form Filling Steps